Meeting with Lisa Neville- 1 June 2018

Meeting with Lisa Neville MP 1 June 2018 and Notes from the 23 May 2018 Community Forum with the COGG Mayor and the Bellarine Ward Councillors

1.     Community Forum in Ocean Grove. Heads up on our plan to host/co-host a Community Forum in Ocean Grove on the evening of 14 Nov in the lead up to the State Elections – timing preferred 7 or 7:30 pm

o   OGCA will be seeking a commitment in the upcoming State elections for capital funding to commence the construction of the Grubb Road and Tuckfield Street enhancement from the Bellarine Hwy to The Parade and the Terrace with construction works commencing in 2020/21. The road works will also include maintaining and enhancing the existing native vegetation and installing all overhead wires underground.

o   OGCA will be seeking a commitment from all candidates.

2.     Grubb Road Duplication. Currently funded planning works for the Grubb Road duplication should encompass the link from the roundabout on Shell/Thacker/Grubb/Tuckfield intersection south along Tuckfield to the future connection to The Terrace/Emperor Drive junction through Tuckfield Street COGG Municipal Reserve using the existing VicRoads easement (see picture below).

o   Include this in currently funded planning task scope for the duplication of Grubb Road noting actual construction would likely be a separate phase in the future.

o   Get the planning outcome included in the VicRoads planned community consultation/engagement.

3.     Grubb Road/Adco Grove Intersection. The current problem/safety concern at the Grubb Road/Adco Grove intersection that was raised at the recent Ocean Grove Community Forum.  Traffic heading north on Grubb Road turning right into ADCO Grove to access the industrial area business.  Forces back up of traffic – in peak times back to the Shell/Grubb Road roundabout.  Generally unsafe, no passing available on the left of those turning right to keep traffic flowing.  Will get worse with the planned and funded upgrade in COGG Council Budget FY 18/19 of Kingston Park Recreational Reserve children play ground on Adco Grove.  Deep potholes on western verge of Grubb Road at the intersection combined with and the position of the wooden signage currently prevents safe passing on the left.

4.     President Ave/Orton St intersection. Problem/safety and lack of action on the President Ave/Orton St intersection identified as a problem many years ago but still nothing.  Recent near fatal accident, continuing near misses yet not a priority for VicRoads despite it being identified and agreed in 2014 & 2016 Council planning documents.

5.     Speed Limit. The speed limit during construction on Grubb Road as agreed at VCAT mediation but not yet in place but the heavy earth works and associated construction has started.  Construction (earth works and building) has commenced for the new shopping centre and retirement village in Grubb Road, Ocean Grove. This is fantastic. However, VicRoads have not yet reduced the speed limit from 80kh to 60kh as discussed and agreed at the VCAT Hearing where the reduced removal of trees was agreed by all parties. So we now have double B trucks and large excavators and other machinery entering and exiting the construction sites along Grubb Road in an 80kh zone, which is extremely dangerous.

6.     Future Primary School. What is happening about planning for the purchase of a site in the Oakdene Estate for a future primary school?