Geelong Council Reject 57-59 The Parade Ocean Grove – 30 March 2023

Geelong Council Reject 57 to 59 The Parade Ocean Grove

57-59 The Parade – 12.4 metres high, Across 2 blocks

Visit the ‘Say no to high rise development in OG‘ facebook page for more info and to support the local resident GoFundMe page.

Geelong Council Reject 57 to 59 The Parade Ocean Grove

All 6 Councillors at tonights Planning Committee Meeting Voted to Reject this Development Application.

18 Objectors were present which helped with this excellent result.

In a few weeks the development goes to VCAT for a 3 day hearing in Melbourne.

Councils Rejection – and support for the strong planning report will help VCAT make the correct desicion to Rect this monstrous overdevelopment.

from UXD development application

A community led group has commenced a GFM page to raise funds to fight a proposed 3 story 17 apartment 12.4 metre high development at 57-59 The Parade in VCAT.

Funds raised will cover the costs of professional defence at the VCAT Hearing on April 26th.

Because the developer has lodge this in VCAT – VCAT will decide if this project is approved or rejected.

The Developer will be using big, expensive legal guns to support this 12.4 metre high monolith.

To help the local objectors stop this project they need funds to defent the NO case in VCAT.

Winning this defence will set a strong precedent for the next development to be rejected.

If this fails then the whole high density zone around the Ocean Grove Shopping precinct will end up as 3 storey appatments, completely changing the character if Ocean Grove.

Any amountof money is welcomed. All money raised will help us all keep Ocean Grove as Ocean Grove as we know it.

Thank you from the group of local residents fighting this development.

Go Fund Me link