Support for the Bellarine DAL on 14 August 2022

HI aAll, 8 August 2022 -Most will be aware of the Bellarine DAL and its intent to keep development within the existing the Bellarine town boundaries.

Protecting the Bellarine was one of the State Government’s election promises at the last election.

The decision is now in the hands of the Minister for Planning and waiting for her (or her nominated alternative Minister) decision and announcement.

We are approaching what we hope is the final hurdle…

Community Associations across the Bellarine are holding a combined rally to ensure the Government is again clearly and loudly reminded of the strong views of the community on protecting the Bellarine through the media coverage a rally could generate.

The rally will be on Sunday 14 August at 10:30am at Edwards Point at St Leonards (see the attached map). Parking available on the eastern end of Beach Road.

Map of DAL support Rally in St Loenards

More numbers = More/Wider media coverage.

If you want to bring a sign you might consider words such as:

“Save the Bellarine”

“Keep Your Promise to the Bellarine”

“Save the Bellarine for our Kids”

“Protect the Bellarine”

5 August 2022. An enthusiastic group of people gathered at the Ocean Grove Nature Reserve on Friday 5th August to show support for the Bellarine DAL , a state government initiative to identify and protect Distinctive Areas and Landscapes across the Bellarine.

Friday’s group photo is advertising a rally being organised by the CBCA (Combined Bellarine Community Association) to show support for the Bellarine DAL Program. It will be held on 14 August at St Leonards.

For this event we need as many bodies as possible, including Committee members, family and friends and interested residents and groups.

This affects all residents of Bellarine towns including Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove, Queenscliff and Pt Lonsdale, Indented Head, Curlewis, Barwon Heads, Clifton Springs, Drysdale, Leopold and Portarlington.

We need a good number of people for a Press photograph to show Dan Andrews and the new Planning Minister, Lizzie Blandthorn that we care about protecting our town boundaries.

A Reporter from Times syndicate is lined up to cover the .14 August at St Leonards.

The Protect The Bellarine website is great – Check it out.

Did you know that the DAL Advisory Committee hearing the time allocated to developers and their associates was approximately 80% . Many were represented by QC’s costing $1000’s per day. 20% of the hearing time was allocated towards to non commercial interests like concerned environment groups and Bellarine Community Associations.

We loose this farmland if Dan breaks his promise

This map illustrates the land on the Bellarine that may be subject to future development if the State Government doesn’t honour its election promise to protect the Bellarine.

It is based on a map from the Bellarine DAL process.

The illustrative map depicts land owned by owners or developers who oppose the proposed settlement boundaries is shown.

You can gauge for yourself the potential future look and feel of our towns if the Andrew’s State Government breaks its promise to protect The Bellarine.

OGCA AGM 7pm 3 August 2022

Due to the increasing levels of Covid in the community the OGCA AGM and Guest Speaker Presentation was held via Zoom.  We believe this was the responsible approach. 

The meeting commenced at 7pm on Wednesday 3 Aug with the AGM taking about 15 minutes and then moved onto our guest speaker Lawry’s presentation. Lawry’s talk, including time for questions, ran for an hour.

Professor Lawry St Leger was the Dean of the Faculty of Health at Deakin University for seven years and has also worked extensively with the World Health Organization in supporting national and international health related programs in Europe, Asia and North America.

Lawry spoke on a range of health related topics with a focus on Connection to Nature and the benefits to and impacts on youth learning of such connections including Australian and international developments and experiences in that space and on social media and youth learning. Lawry will draw on his knowledge and experience and to talk to us in a conversational style including some fascinating anecdotes.

The meeting was recorded – to view video please this link

Ocean Grove Urban Design Framework

On Tue, Jun 14, 2022 OGCA wrote to Geelong Council requesting updates to several projects raised in the Ocean Grove Urban Design Framework.

Here is Councils response:

  Phil Edwards Chairperson Ocean Grove Community Association                     13 July 2022                    
Dear Phil, 
Re: Ocean Grove UDF 

Thank you for your recent correspondence on behalf of the Ocean Grove Community Association regarding works proposed through the Ocean Grove Urban Design Framework and other opportunities. 

 Please see below update on each item that was listed.


We are currently assessing funding availability through the City’s Capital Works program for signage in key locations around the municipality, including Ocean Grove.  

 The City has developed draft Township Signage Guidelines, which are currently with the Department of Transport (DoT) for review and approval. The Guidelines outline colour and style criteria for town signage, as well as options for incorporating suitable artwork provided by the local community.

 Subject to funding availability, we look forward to working with the Association to develop updated town entrance signage for Ocean Grove.


The initial feasibility planning for Ocean Grove and Point Lonsdale shared user path is nearly complete with findings suggesting it is very difficult to create a trail in the road reserve.  There is limited space, and the presence of environmental values for both routes along Shell Rd or Creswell Rd provide significant constraints.  

 Further work is being considered that will be integrated with the Southeast Bellarine Biolink Master Plan process that is currently underway.

 I understand a further briefing was provided to the community reference group for the Coastal and Marine Management Plan on the 7th July, and we are happy to provide a further update to the association as we further develop the scope of works for this project.


With the project still at concept design stage, it is difficult to estimate the final vegetation impact of the Ocean Grove Principal Pedestrian Network (OGPPN). Tree removal will be minimised as much as possible in the final designs, however it is likely that some larger trees will need to be removed. Any removals will be offset by a program of tree planting.

  The impact of trees was extensively discussed as part of community consultation for this project, and in some instances, it is proposed to relocate some footpaths to the other side of the road to accommodate this concern. This issue will continue to be considered by the OGPPN working group to ensure it is highlighted, discussed and dealt with in the most appropriate manner.


The feedback on the UDF in relation to a future multipurpose community hall/meeting venue has been reflected in the City’s Social Infrastructure Plan (SIP) (adopted 2020).  

 The SIP identifies the need for Council to undertake an ‘Ocean Grove Community Infrastructure and Services Place-based Needs Study.’ A ‘Needs Study’ will assess the current provision of community infrastructure across the town, and make recommendations for new services or facilities required to meet the needs of the current and future population. 

 Timing for preparation of this needs study has not yet been confirmed. The OG Community Association will be a key stakeholder in the preparation of the Needs Study.


Phase 1a of improvements to Presidents Avenue (signalisation of the Presidents Ave/Orton St intersection) was completed by VicRoads in November 2020.

 Phase 1b – the installation of roundabouts at The Parade and The Terrace intersections – is not included in the current capital works core program, however it will likely be considered in future budgets.


The proposed landscaping of ‘green links’ as proposed in the Ocean Grove UDF has been considered by Council a number of times through annual budget processes, however it has not been progressed at this stage. We will continue to put forward these works for Council to consider through the budget process.

We recently received funding through the Victorian Government’s Covid Safe Outdoor Activation Fund for streetscape works in The Terrace, Ocean Grove. These works include the refurbishment of existing seating and installation of new bin surrounds.

The improvements will enhance trader activation, outdoor dining, and overall customer experience of the precinct. Works are expected to be completed by end of August


The town square site will be secured when the property at 74 The Terrace is redeveloped. 

There has been one development application for this site that included the necessary setbacks for the town square, however the application was refused by Council and VCAT as it did not deliver on the objectives on the UDF for the removal of the crossover in The Terrace and use of the rear lane for access. 


The City has made an offer to purchase part of a property at the rear of The Terrace to facilitate access from the west. There is ongoing negotiations with impacted landowners.


The Victorian Government has provided in principle agreement to reinvesting the money from the land sale of the surplus road land into the road works. This has been a significant barrier to the project progressing to date. 

 The developer is currently preparing a detailed design for the signalised intersection at Hodgson Street and The Parade to inform a final feasibility assessment. Community consultation on a planning scheme amendment and redevelopment of Council land will follow. Timing has not been confirmed yet. 

We appreciate your interest in these matters and your ongoing advocacy for the Ocean Grove community. 

Kind regards,




TELEPHONE 5272 4266

Southeast Bellarine Coast Coastal and Marine Management Plan

At COGG’s meeting on Tuesday 28 June, 2022, the City of Greater Geelong Council endorsed the draft Southeast Bellarine Coast (4W-Collendina) Coastal and Marine Management Plan for public exhibition and community engagement until 7 August 2022.

Please use the links below to access Councils web site



Thank you for the opportunity to provide a submission to The Committee.


1. The Ocean Grove Community Association’s membership model has been progressively moving to a hybrid model combining social media based free membership with conventional paid membership for those that chose to pay the small once off fee. This hybrid model better reflects current community trends with the high usage of social media communication by many people in the community.

2. Our membership base is 2,9281 followers on social media and 125 paid membership.

3. In addition to our community membership reach, we have been running an online petition – online because of the Covid-19 limitations. This petition advocates for the retention of the current Ocean Grove Settlement Boundary as reflected in the City of Greater Geelong Settlement Strategy.

4. This petition has 8,417 2 – which we believe demonstrates a clear and loud statement of the community’s desire. All of these people have taken the time to read our online flyer and have decided to sign this petition.

5. The electronic petition, through, was launched on 26 November 2019 and this subsequently allowed people to record their support while maintaining the Covid 19 physical contact restrictions that commence in early 2020. The graphic in the petition was taken from Ocean Grove Structure Plan. The petition highlighted “Developers want the land to the west of Grubb Road, the land east of Banks Road and the strip of land to the north between the current Oakdene housing development and the Bellarine Highway to be included in the Ocean Grove Town Settlement Boundary”.

6. The poster (a copy is included as an attachment to this submission) was produced in January 2020 and was used as a letter box drop across Ocean Grove supported by emails and displaying the poster by some Ocean Grove business. A simplified graphic was used 1 Correct as at 9 May 2022 2 Correct as at 16 May 2022 Page 2 of 13 Submitter # 067 – Ocean Grove Community Association in the poster. A second letter drop of the poster was undertaken in April 2022. In the second letter box drop we used the same poster for consistency of messaging. The poster QR code was linked the petition which featured the more detailed graphic.

7. In all our efforts and messaging to engage with the community at large the key focus was and continues to be the major risk on the significant landscapes by residential development outside the Ocean Grove Settlement Boundary, in particular:

a. to the west of Grubb Road into the attractive backdrop to the town and as a settlement break with Wallington,

 b. into the non-urban break north of Ocean Grove to the Bellarine Highway, and

c. into the open rolling the farm land east of Banks Road

Party Plates without the Waste

Local community group Repair Cafe Bellarine has set up a new initiative called ‘Reuse me in OG’ where event organisers can borrow reusable tableware kits for free! This initiative will help local events, from kids’ parties to festivals, markets, school fetes and weddings reduce their waste. Event organisers can borrow between 20 and 250 sets of reusable plates, festival plates, bowls, cups and cutlery.

This community service was created after Repair Cafe Bellarine creator, Courtney, noticed that some of the local markets and festivals were still using single-use plastics, despite the community-wide focus on reducing waste.

‘We found that if markets and schools wanted to stop using single-use plastics and swap to reusable tableware, they didn’t have many options available to them, especially for small events with limited budgets. We wanted to create a service that reduced this barrier by making it easily accessible, affordable and easy to use.’

To find out more about this free community service, visit Repair Cafe website and download the free User Guide or contact the group at

Repair Cafe, Recycle, Reuse me in Ocean Grove,

Barwon Coast Annual Report 2020/21

The year ended 30th June 2021 (FY21) was another extraordinarily challenging period for Barwon Coast due to COVID 19 shutdowns. However, we successfully completed several major projects while providing high quality services to the coast and its many users.

Barwon Coast Annual report 20/21

Read our 2020/21 Annual report to find out about:

  • The challenges ahead
  • Planning appropriately for the future
  • Highlights and achievements of the year

4 August 2021 AGM and Community Forum with Mayor Asher now via Zoom Webinar

The Ocean Grove Community Association AGM and Community Forum with Mayor Asher and Gareth Smith CoGG Director of Planning & Economy has now been moved to a Zoom Webinar format due to Covid restrictions.

Join us via Zoom.  The Meeting ID is:  890 7102 3076  and there is no password required.  OR use the link

The AGM and Community Forum begins 7pm Wednesday 4 August. 

You can join the webinar from 6:40pm where you will see information on how the Forum will be run and instructions on how to ask questions of the Mayor and Gareth Smith on the Zoom Webinar format during the Forum.

We encourage you to join the webinar before the start time of 7pm to read the information to help ensure you get the best from the AGM & Forum.

Can’t make it ? The webinar will be recorded and copy will be posted to this website in the week following 4 Aug.

Unofficial: Bellarine Peninsula ‘Distinctive Areas and Landscapes’ in-person information session announcement

In-person information sessions: draft Bellarine Peninsula Statement of Planning Policy

I am emailing to confirm that we are planning to hold four in-person information sessions where you can learn more about the draft Bellarine Peninsula Statement of Planning Policy (SPP) and ask questions. 

Attendees must register for a 30-minute session. This will be capped at 15 people to meet density limits. All attendees must follow the current Victorian Government’s public health advice regarding the use of masks, contact tracing and social distancing.  

The in-person public information sessions will be held as follows    

·       22nd July 2021 Leopold Library, 31-39 Kensington Rd, Leopold - please register for a 30-min session at this event via to attend.  

·       27th July 2021 Bellarine Anglican Parish, 45 – 55 Collins St, Drysdale - please register for a 30-min session at this event via to attend.  

·       29th July 2021 Bellarine Training and Community Hub, 1 John Dory Drive, Ocean Grove – please register for a 30-min session at this event via to attend.  

·       30th July 2021 Queenscliff Uniting Church, Corner of Hesse and Stokes St, Queenscliff - please register for a 30-min session at this event via to attend.  

A range of times in the afternoon and evening are available. Please register as soon as possible to ensure you get your preferred time.

The in-person information sessions may help inform your written submission. Please note it is preferred that you do not lodge your submission at the information session. Please follow the guidance below on how to lodge your submission.  

Have your say 

You are invited to view the draft Bellarine Peninsula SPP and provide a written submission. 

You can view the draft Bellarine Peninsula SPP, as well as supporting technical documents, by visiting the Bellarine Peninsula Engage Victoria project page.

You can choose to complete either a short or long form submission and attach further information as part of your submission. Submissions will be treated as public documents and will be published on the Victorian Government’s engagement website. Proforma submissions and petitions will only be counted as one submission, and any contact will be made through the first-named person. 

Submissions must be received by 5.00pm on Friday 20 August 2021 and must be lodged through the Bellarine Peninsula Engage Victoria project page. 

Further information 

·       Call 136 186 (open 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday)  

·       Email  

·       Visit Bellarine Peninsula Engage Victoria project page 

·       Read our Frequently Asked Questions that are available on the Engage Victoria project page 

Kind regards,  

Mia Davison  

Project Director, Distinctive Areas and Landscapes  

Planning | Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning  

8 Nicholson Street East Melbourne 3002  

Bellarine Distinctive Areas and Landscapes (DAL) draft Statement of Planning Policy

 “Association applauds boundary strengthening”.

The Association has welcomed the recent and much awaited release by the Government of the Bellarine Distinctive Areas and Landscapes (DAL) draft Statement of Planning Policy (SPP) for community consultation. The draft SPP is proposing that permanent long term protected settlement boundaries be applied around Ocean Grove and all Bellarine Peninsula towns.

Our Chairperson, Mr Phil Edwards has praised the Government and our local Member Lisa Neville saying “it is very pleasing to see that the Government is now delivering on its election promises to protect the Bellarine Peninsula’s highly significant rural landscape and environmental qualities and it has clearly listened to the local community and responded to their wishes.”

“The draft SPP is exactly what the Association’s “Enough is Enough” campaign, which has gathered over 4,800 signatures, was hoping to achieve…that is, to restrict Ocean Grove boundaries to their current location and prevent further urban sprawl into the surrounding rural countryside. The proposed protected settlement boundary for Ocean Grove is shown in the map from the DELWP draft SPP. The Association is aware that developers and landowners to the north and west of the Ocean Grove Nature Reserve, east of Banks Rd and north up to the Bellarine Highway have put forward proposals for further development despite the Geelong Council’s Settlement Strategy putting these areas clearly outside our town’s settlement boundary. The Association continues to strongly oppose the developers’ positions.”

The Association acknowledges and supports the proposals that the bulk of the town’s future population growth will be accommodated in the Kingston Estate area that is already zoned residential and where there is more than 10 years of housing green field development land still available for people who want to move to Ocean Grove. Other growth capacity is also available in the designated Increased Housing Diversity Areas, particularly around the Ocean Grove town centre. The Increased Housing Diversity Areas, subject to strict height, site coverage & design provisions applied to respect the town’s coastal character and significant environment and landscape qualities, are not new and already form part of Geelong Council’s existing planning policies which have been in place for some time.

We are encouraging all interested members of the public to review the draft SPP and make an on-line submission because it is important for the Government to continue to hear directly from as many community members as possible. Bellarine Peninsula | Distinctive Areas and Landscapes Program | Engage Victoria

The Association intends to strongly press the widespread community views expressed in its “Enough is Enough” campaign and will be making its own detailed submission to Government. 

If you are pressed for time to read the full draft SPP we suggest you read the “Bellarine Peninsula Frequently Asked Questions” on the website which provides a really good summary of the background and key points of the draft SPP.

We are encouraging individual community members can make their own submission online through website until 5pm 20 August 2021

Ocean Grove DAL proposed boundary