Naming Bukareeyoo

To celebrate officially returning Wadawurrung language to Country, Barwon Coast and Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation are inviting the community to a sunrise ceremony on Saturday 26 August, at the tip of Bukareeyoo. Car park available on the Surfside or Riverside of Bukareeyoo turn in just before the Bridges and walk along the beach to the tip of Bukareeyoo. [ 6:51 am, Sunrise in Melbourne, Saturday, 26 August 2023 (AEST)]

Views and ideas of our Youth

Alison Marchant writing competition

Alison is asking our youth to write to her presenting the opportunity to have Alison present your thoughts in State Parliament

If you had an opportunity to speak in Parliament, what would you say?

  • What are your big ideas?
  • What do you value?
  • Or what do you see for your future?

It’s really important to Alison, to hear from our younger generations, in order to understand and focus on the issues important to them.

You can write a 90 second speech or a letter to forward to Alison. And I’ll select winners to read out in Parliament.

So get writing, submission due 25th August!

Send your Email to –

Great opportunity for Ocean Grove youth, our youth are a priority for the OGCA

OGCA AGM – Wednesday 2nd August 2023

Come to our AGM

Location: Surf Lifesaving Club – training Room – downstairs.

The meeting agenda is short – with a brief summary of our activities followed by:

Guest Speaker – Linda Wood from Feed Me Bellarine

Feed Me Bellarine are a local Ocean Grove Success Story. They collect from retail outlets to recycle food and provide help with

Greater Geelong City Council – Local Council Electoral Structure Review

Important – This may affect how Council functions into the future.

Local Council Electoral Structure Review – Preliminary Report – Greater Geelong City Council

Executive summary – from the VEC (Victorian Electoral Commission) website

An independent electoral structure review panel appointed by the Minister for Local Government is reviewing the electoral structure of Greater Geelong City Council. The purpose of the review is to advise the Minister on the appropriate number of councillors and electoral structure, including ward names, for the Council.

Under Victoria’s Local Government Act 2020 (the Act), Greater Geelong City Council must now have a single-councillor ward electoral structure. The panel is looking at:

• the appropriate number of councillors and wards for the council

• the location of ward boundaries

• appropriate ward names.

All submissions should address all 3 points.

This report outlines the preliminary models the panel is presenting for public consultation, for the proposed new electoral structure of Greater Geelong City Council to meet the requirements of the Act.

Electoral structure models

After considering research and the requirements of the Act, the panel is presenting the following electoral structure models for public consultation:

Model 1: a subdivided electoral structure with a total of 11 councillors – 11 wards with one councillor per ward.

Model 2: a subdivided electoral structure with a total of 11 councillors – 11 wards with one councillor per ward, with different boundaries to Model 1.

Model 3: a subdivided electoral structure with a total of 12 councillors – 12 wards with one councillor per ward.

12 Wards means each Councillor reducing voters per Ward from 19000-21,000 voters reducing to 17,600 – 19000 voters.

Next steps: The panel is now seeking feedback on the preliminary electoral structure models. You can make a response submission to the preliminary models until 5 pm Wednesday 26 July 2023.

This is the link to the VEC preamble for Geelong:…/electoral-structure…/geelong

This is the link to download the pdf from the VEC website:…/9dc8a757d79f4092b786a5b984d969…

The document goes through the whole process including descriptions of each of the 3 options. The Appendix at the end of the document has the map for each option, so don’t worry about downloading individual maps.

Individuals and organisations can submit comments and preferences for and against the 3 options.

Submissions must be lodged by 5pm Wednesday 26 July.

This process fundamentally changes the current Council structure of 4 wards – 3 wards with 3 elected Councillors and one ward with 2 Councillors – to a new structure with one Councillor per ward.

Note that Option 3 splits Ocean Grove into 2 separate wards.

If you are interested in participation in the OGCA formal response, please email:

Ocean Grove Community Assn <>

VEC have informed me that the Minister and VEC will implement the new structure before the 2024 elections.

Geelong Councils Library Funding cuts – Council backs down

Summarizing from Matt Hewsons excellent article from The Independent – 30 June 2023

The 2023 -24 CoGG budget has been passed, fully restoring funding for lifesavers, while leaving libraries with a $406,000 shortfall.

The library funding issues have rallied more ratepayers to voice there concerns than any other issue last year.

I am amazed that CoGG is happy to spend lots of money to build new libraries and forgets to fund running costs.

Geelong Council Reject 57-59 The Parade Ocean Grove – 30 March 2023

Geelong Council Reject 57 to 59 The Parade Ocean Grove

57-59 The Parade – 12.4 metres high, Across 2 blocks

Visit the ‘Say no to high rise development in OG‘ facebook page for more info and to support the local resident GoFundMe page.

Geelong Council Reject 57 to 59 The Parade Ocean Grove

All 6 Councillors at tonights Planning Committee Meeting Voted to Reject this Development Application.

18 Objectors were present which helped with this excellent result.

In a few weeks the development goes to VCAT for a 3 day hearing in Melbourne.

Councils Rejection – and support for the strong planning report will help VCAT make the correct desicion to Rect this monstrous overdevelopment.

from UXD development application

A community led group has commenced a GFM page to raise funds to fight a proposed 3 story 17 apartment 12.4 metre high development at 57-59 The Parade in VCAT.

Funds raised will cover the costs of professional defence at the VCAT Hearing on April 26th.

Because the developer has lodge this in VCAT – VCAT will decide if this project is approved or rejected.

The Developer will be using big, expensive legal guns to support this 12.4 metre high monolith.

To help the local objectors stop this project they need funds to defent the NO case in VCAT.

Winning this defence will set a strong precedent for the next development to be rejected.

If this fails then the whole high density zone around the Ocean Grove Shopping precinct will end up as 3 storey appatments, completely changing the character if Ocean Grove.

Any amountof money is welcomed. All money raised will help us all keep Ocean Grove as Ocean Grove as we know it.

Thank you from the group of local residents fighting this development.

Go Fund Me link

OGCA Objection to 57-59 The Parade development

57-59 The Parade Ocean Grove

From UXD development application

Ocean Grove Community Association lodged objections to Geelong Council and VCAT.

The developer lodged this with VCAT because Council didnt approve this project in the minimum time allowed.

Now the project will be decided by VCAT.

Here is the Objection we lodged with VCAT:

City of Greater Geelong- Modified for VCAT Statement of Grounds


The Ocean Grove Community Association’s objection to the revised planning application is based on:

Character and Fit

The proposed development simply does not reflect the policies contained in the Ocean Grove section of Clause 11.03-6L-01 with respect to reasonable sharing of views & the requirement for the proposed building to reflect & respect existing scale, setbacks, spacing & building form of the surrounding residential area.

The building is completely at odds with the surrounding neighbourhood character, it will adversely impact the amenity of nearby neighbours and there appears to be serious overlook and shadowing impacts.

Further the development will exacerbate the already problematic on street parking issues along this street despite the development providing car parking spaces in accordance with the standard.


The major impact of sunlight blocking overall on properties to the east and west and also those properties directly opposite the proposed development on the south side of the Parade.

The application states “The impact of overshadowing has been considered and mitigated as best possible…” This statement does not consider if the overshadowing impact to residents of the surrounding properties is acceptable nor does it quantify in any way the result of “mitigated as best possible”.

The developer’s revised application states: “Building shadow casts will be limited to between 9am to 11am. The property of 121 (should be 55B) The Parade will have clear access to daylight from 11am onwards.” The developer’s reference to 121 The Parade has been copied from the application to develop 123 The Parade.

Ocean Grove is not an inner-city location. It is unacceptable to remove daylight from an adjoining property before 11am. Note that daylight is also lost from dawn to 9am. This is the equinox shadow time. Access to daylight will be significantly reduced in winter.


There are major direct overlook impacts for the properties to the east, north, west and south of the proposed development from the developments upstairs balconies.

The proposed level 2 and 3 units have no private space as all surrounding properties can see into the balcony areas.

The unit balconies overlook all the surrounding properties removing any existing entitlement to their existing private space. Provision of private open space is a requirement in the planning scheme for this zone.

View Sharing

This site is subject to Design & Development Overlay 14 which is aimed at ensuring a reasonable sharing of views from neighbouring properties. Properties to the north, east and west of the proposed development will suffer significant impact on view. For the properties north of the proposed development there will be very limited reasonably equitable sharing.

Relative to the general topology of Ocean Grove, the size of the building at 12m above ground will interfere with the existing views of numerous properties North, North East and North West for several kilometres from the subject site.

This is a direct contravention of DDO14.

Building Height

The maximum building height allowed is 10.5m. The application states the height is 10.5m. However, the diagrams on page 3 (View Impact – West Elevation) of the application’s View Impact Assessment shows the building to exceed 10.5m.

Elevation plans in the revised plans show that the building height excluding the large building plant structure is 10.6m and 12m above ground level including the large plant structure. Dimensioning in the Elevation drawings seems designed to hide the actual height.

The planning scheme states that only aerials and chimneys can exceed 10.5m. The large plant structure 12m above ground and 2 to 2.2m above the roof will interfere with views for many surrounding properties on higher ground, with existing views.

Street Congestion

Visitors to the site would be unlikely to use the basement car parking (lack of means to open garage door) and so exacerbate the already problematic on street parking issues along this street. The current situation often requires vehicles to stop to allow vehicles traveling in the opposite direction to pass due to on street parking.

Larger parked cars on both sides of The Parade could easily block access to buses, delivery vans and garbage trucks.

Increasing the number of vehicles that will be parked in the street as a consequence of this development at 57-59 The Parade will increase the risk and danger of accidents and near misses.


To our knowledge, this is the first planning application for a very large multistorey building in Ocean Grove across two separate lots. Reading the planning schemes for RGZ3, there is no discussion of this number of units across multiple lots.

The aim of RGZ3 is to increase density in the proximity of the shopping precinct. We assert that 17 units in one building over 2 lots irreversibly negatively impacts the urban amenity of Ocean Grove.

Approval of this application sets a bad precedent that will permanently degrade the character of Ocean Grove.

Andy McKoy

Chairperson – Ocean Grove Community Association

DAL signoff by Geelong Council Tonight

Part of tonights Geelong Council meeting is a report recommending Council signs off on the final draft SPP under the DAL process. Councils meeting agenda provides an update on future implementation actions (the details of which are yet to be finalised by DELWP).

Here is a link to to the Council meeting PDF.

The DAL part of the Agenda is from page 215 to 227.

Lets hope they approve the DAL draft SPP.

State Election Candidates Community Forum – Update

The CBCA Candidates Forum was a great night.

Combined Bellarine Community Associations Candidates Forum
Apologies for the photo

The Forum was attended by 60 residents from Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove, Point Lonsdale and Leopold.

The forum was coordinated by Phip Bade from the Barwon Heads Association. Philip opened and closed the event.

Damien O’Malley did a wonderful job as the Mediator of the Forum.

We thank the Candidates who provided their time to present themselves to our State of Victoria Electorate of Bellarine votors.

The Candidates present, In order of presentations were:

  • Sarah Fenton (Independant)
  • Rachel Semmens (Victorian Greens)
  • Guy Manuell (Family First)
  • Alison Marchant (Labour)
  • Adam Cardilini (Animal Justice Party)

A cordial Question and Answer session followed which was very informative.

A great night, thanks to the Candidates and Damien the Moderator.

Combined Bellarine Community Associaons

Meet your Candidates

Ask Questions and Listen to their Answers

Candidates for the Legislative Assembly for the Electorate of the Bellarine will be present on the night.

When and Where: 7pm Thursday 10th November 2022

At the Barwon Heads Hall – 77 to 79 Hitchcock Avenue, Barwon Heads.

Presented by the Combined Bellarine Community Association


Reginal Roads Victoria

The Australian Government has invested $5 million to deliver safety improvements at the intersection of Grubb Road and Smithton Grove, Ocean Grove.

Regional Roads Victoria is working to reduce congestion and improve safety for all road users accessing the industrial estate along Grubb Road, Ocean Grove.

This improvement involves the installation of traffic signals at the intersection of Grubb Road and Smithton Grove. Traffic lights will provide a safer and more predictable interaction of vehicles, controlling the movement of traffic into and out of the busy industrial estate. The upgrade will also provide a safer, more predictable environment for pedestrians and cyclists.

Service relocations are due to begin in late 2022 with construction on the intersection of Grubb Road and Smithton Grove estimated to start in 2023.


What we’re doing

To make this intersection safer and more efficient, we will:

  • install new traffic lights, to better control the movement of vehicles
  • install new dedicated turning lanes to create separation between traffic movements and improve traffic flow on Grubb Road
  • install pedestrian operated crossings on Grubb Road and Smithton Grove
  • install a new traffic island and line markings at the entry/exit of the service lane between Smithton Grove and Adco Grove, to make it easier to navigate
  • upgrade street lighting to improve visibility for all road users at the intersection
  • install new bus bays on both sides of Grubb Road
  • install a new footpath for pedestrians to easily access the new bus bays.

The improvements have also been designed to complement future growth and development along Grubb Road, including increased traffic volumes and allowing for future pedestrian and cyclist connections. 

What this means for you

Crews will be on-site Monday to Friday during daylight hours. Some weekend work may occur if necessary. During works, drivers will experience the following disruptions:

  • a reduced speed of 40km/h through the worksite to protect workers and all road users
  • lane closures with traffic management in place to guide you through the worksite
  • in some locations, the road may be reduced to one lane. Please take care when travelling through these work zones
  • signed detours may be required from time to time
  • please allow up to five minutes extra travel time when travelling through the area
  • crews will aim to minimise delays and impact to access as much as possible. 

Why we’re improving safety at this location

Community feedback and detailed traffic modelling has identified a need to improve access to the industrial estate.

The intersection of Grubb Road and Smithton Grove was identified because:

  • Smithton Grove is centrally located within the industrial estate, offering improved traffic distribution
  • Sinclair Street already has turning provisions and operates efficiently compared to Smithton Grove
  • there are physical (available space) and environmental (vegetation) constraints at Adco Grove
  • the intersection at Smithton Grove has recorded two crashes over a five-year period (to December 2020) compared to Adco Grove (one crash) and Sinclair Street (no crashes)
  • predicted traffic volume growth in this area would likely lead to more crashes without an upgrade. 

Find out more Visit this link and search for ‘Grubb Road & Smithton Grove intersection upgrade, Ocean Grove’

South Barwon Projects and ‘Meet the new Regional Director of Regional Roads Victoria is available here:                     

Meet your candidates for the State election!

Next month there will be three ‘Meet the Candidates’ forums across the Bellarine as we move into the official election campaign period.
The Combined Bellarine Community Associations (CBCA) is working with each of the Bellarine’s community associations to hold these events.
The key dates are:

  1. Monday November 7 at Drysdale’s Potato Shed – this event involves the associations from Portarlington, Drysdale, Clifton Springs and Curlewis, St Leonards and Indented Head, in conjunction with Pulse FM Radio, at 7.30pm
  2. Thursday November 10 at Barwon Heads Hall, organised by Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove associations at 7pm
  3. Wednesday November 16, 7.30pm at Point Lonsdale Primary School, organised by Point Lonsdale and Queenscliffe associations

Pre-polling starts on November 14 and election day is November 26.
These events are great opportunities to engage directly with our candidates on issues that concern you.
We expect that a range of candidates, and parties, will be involved.

Come along and have your say!

Bellarine DAL Passed – Town Boundaries Protected

Media Release – The Hon Daniel Andrews MP  – Friday, 7 October 2022


The Andrews Labor Government is delivering on its promise to protect Victoria’s beautiful Bellarine Peninsula and its cherished environment from overdevelopment.

Premier Daniel Andrews and Member for Bellarine Lisa Neville today visited Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club to deliver the Labor Government’s Statement of Planning Policy for the Bellarine Peninsula’s ‘distinctive area and landscape’ (DAL) – setting out a 50-year vision for the region to guide development controls and boundaries.

The Bellarine Peninsula is one of Victoria’s most prized tourism and recreation destinations with its stunning beaches, rural landscapes and historic towns including Queenscliff and Portarlington.

The draft policy locks in protected settlement boundaries for all townships, to ensure the Bellarine’s agricultural areas, landscapes, environmental features, small villages and towns are protected from inappropriate development and direct future growth to strategic locations.

The Peninsula was declared a DAL in 2019, recognising that its beautiful coastal environment, unique green spaces, local producers, and lifestyle, were under pressure from urban overdevelopment.

The 2019 declaration triggered the need for a Statement of Planning Policy for the area, to ensure the landscapes, unique environmental and cultural values of the Bellarine are protected and enhanced for many decades to come.

The final draft policy was developed in collaboration with the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation, the Borough of Queenscliff, the City of Greater Geelong following extensive consultation with community and industry. It was also referred to an independent advisory committee in January 2022.

To view the final draft Statement of Planning Policy for Bellarine visit,

Quote attributable to Premier Daniel Andrews

“We promised to protect our iconic Bellarine Peninsula – and that’s exactly what we’ve done, boosting the local economy and making sure locals and tourists can enjoy this beautiful part of Victoria well into the future.”

Quote attributable to Member for Bellarine Lisa Neville

“These reforms give confidence to local residents and businesses that what they love about their community, and surrounding environment, is valued and protected for future generations.”