Key Achievements


Bellarine Distinctive Areas and Landscapes – the DAL
We have put significant effort into ensuring the communities views
were heard on this and I would like to acknowledge Ian McCartney
commitment to being our lead.

The current situation is that the Independent Advisory Panel
appointed by the Minister for Planning to review one single part of
the draft Statement of Planning Policy ie the town settlement
boundaries has completed its report and it has been sent on 8 July to
the recently appointed new Minister for Planning to make her
The Bellarine DAL was a government election promise at the last
State Election.
We await that outcome, however we continue to push our local
representative Lisa Neville to get the decision made and to honour
their promise.

The Ocean Grove PPN
We were pleased to see Council finally make a decision on the
Principal Pedestrian Network for Ocean Grove after seven years. We
pushed hard for a decision to be made and for the cost to be better
than the standard 50/50 cost sharing model. The outcome of what is
a 65/35 cost share model reduced effected ratepayer cost by about
$100 per ratepayer.
The PPN rollout plan is over three years for the 23km of footpath
with construction programmed to commence in 2024.
Effected ratepayers should have received a letter in the mail last
month with the year by year schedule.

Meeting With Council in July
Members of the committee along with members of the Ocean Grove
Business Association met with Council two week ago to discuss a
range of issues/questions we had put forward to Council. A copy of
the written response is on our website.


Contributed submissions to CoGG Settlement Strategy review and the follow on Independent Panel.

Supported the overall need for a Principal Pedestrian Network for “old” Ocean Grove but continuing to lobby for a a nil or reduced ratepayer contribution.

Completed the Renewable Energy Project which commenced in 2019 and with more than 60 installs of solar panels and/or batteries now completed. The two community benefit projects are being costed and we hope they will be completed and generating renewable energy by summer 2021.

Successfully presented a business case to CoGG to fund and engage a project manager for the next step in the Southern Bellarine Coastal Project. The role of the CoGG project manager is “to establish a multi-disciplinary panel of experts and stakeholders to examine options, and report on the benefits of amalgamating the Buckley Park Coastal Reserve and the Lake Victoria wetlands into a better-protected, single iconic wildlife and cultural heritage park”.

Bellarine Distinctive Areas and Landscape (Bellarine DAL). to be undated when DELWP update the draft Statement of Planning Policy – expected in June 2021

Continued to promote our on line petition on protecting the settlement boundaries of Ocean Grove.

Maintained our good and open working relationship with the Councilors of the Bellarine Ward and key CoGG council officers.

Continued our regular meeting on roads with RRV and CoGG to keep progressing major and minor road improvements, and to promote the need for active community engagement on any significant planned improvements.


Lobbied and supported CoGG position on the the CoGG amendment to the Greater Geelong Settlement Strategy

We ran a Kids “ISO” Art Competition in March/April during the school lockdowns to offer kids some fun and concurrently provide, through prize vouchers, some $ spending in some of the local business. We were, as always, generously supported by Ty at Driftwood and the Dollar Shop kicked in as well.  We awarded 25 prizes overall across a number of age groups up to the age of 12.  If you would like to see some of the artwork please go to the gallery on our facebook page.

Conducted, in conjunction with the community associations across the Bellarine council election Candidates Forums (for the CoGG and The Borough of Queenscliffe Council candidates) to allow community members to meet, listen to and ask questions of the candidates in a Covid safe environment.

Continued our regular meeting on roads with RRV and CoGG to keep progressing major and minor road improvements, and to promote the need for active community engagement on any significant planned improvements.


Commenced in February the Renewable Energy Project with over 500 people attending 4 community forums (just beat the first Covid lockdown).

Held the very successful forum Southern Bellarine Coastal Forum in June. (please go to our documents tab to read the outcomes of the forum)

In early July we ran a Forum on Understanding Dimentia and then in late July we held a community forum focused on Planning for Ocean Grove where community members had an opportunity to hear from and ask questions of the Mayor and key CoGG planners.

Continued our regular meeting on roads with RRV and CoGG to keep progressing major and minor road improvements, and to promote the need for active community engagement on any significant planned improvements.


Conducted community forums (1) Meet the Bellarine Ward Councillors and (2) Meet the candidates for the State elections for the seat of Bellarine.

Maintained our support for the need for the Ocean Grove Principal Pedestrian Network.

In “Places and Spaces” we pushed COGG for a more “adventurous” approach to the planned upgrades to playgrounds in Ocean Grove but we were not successful.

Continued our regular meeting on roads with RRV and CoGG to keep progressing major and minor road improvements, and to promote the need for active community engagement on any significant planned improvements.

June 2015 

The AGM and Community Forum went well and over 60 people came to the event. The Community Forum commenced at 7.30pm and completed at 8.45pm. it included two guest speakers:
James Hamilton (COGG – Strategic Planning Officer)
Jason Corless (Director – Kingston Estate)

Ocean Grove Structure Plan Review
The Ocean Grove Community Association (OGCA) has assessed the Council’s Ocean Grove Structure Plan Review documents and based on this, together with our involvement with the original Structure Plan 2007, have provided this response.

In principal the original Structure Plan was reflective of the community’s input and Council research. So we do not believe that there are any fundamental changes that need to be included in the Structure Plan review. However, we do provide the following comments.

Population – The original Structure Plan (2007) estimated a population growth of 4.0%pa. The actual growth between 2006 – 2011 was 2.21pa%. However, with the commencement of the Oakdene Estate subdivision and the recent increase in the Kingston Estate expansion we understand that approximately 250 houses are now being built each year. Based on 2.5 people per house this equates to 625 people per year. In percentage terms this is 4.4% growth per annum. Hence we believe that the original 4.0%pa stated is more accurate. Maybe this could be reviewed after the 2016 census.

Capacity – The original Structure Plan was based on a projected total long term permanent population of between 25,000 to 30,000. This does not include the holiday makers/visitors which increases Ocean Groves population by a further 10,000 people over the peak summer holiday period and now an increasing number (1,000 to 4,000 people) over other holiday periods and weekends. This does not include day visitors. Hence, when the figure of 25,000 to 30,000 population is stated it is in fact will be 35,000 to 40,000 people over the peak summer holiday period and up to 34,000 people on other times. Therefore, we believe the maximum permanent population for Ocean Grove should be 30,000 people and that this should be stated and planned for in the Structure Plan Review.

Armstrong Creek – Since 2007 Armstrong Creek has commenced subdivision and will eventually be home to over 70,000 people. This will have a major impact on coastal towns such as Ocean Grove. Particularly on weekends, school holidays and to a lesser extent in evenings, as people from Armstrong Creek take day trips to go to the beach, have meals, shop and travel through Ocean Grove to access other Bellarine Peninsula destinations and the Queenscliff Ferry. The Ocean Grove Structure Plan Review should now incorporate this new impact and make recommendations on how Ocean Grove will meet these new Armstrong Creek demands on Ocean Grove including, public transport, bicycle paths, traffic, car-parking, commercial development and general tourist attractions.

Green Space – The original Ocean Grove Structure Plan and the Review provides for long term projected growth areas. Whilst this is generally accepted to being to the north, we believe that a ‘green strip’ of land should be provided from the Ocean Grove Nature Reserve up to the Rhinds Road. This will include the Nature Reserve, farmland (paddocks), Barwon Water land and Oakdene Winery. This green strip of land should not be subdivided or commercially developed, but could provide a link point between Grubb Road and the west side of the green strip (Refer attached plan). Our objective is that eventually part of this green strip could be for the development of a type of botanical garden area, with local plantings, recognition of our indigenous people and a learning area. This could become a major tourist and educational asset.

Primary Industry – There could be more stated in the Review about encouraging the development of local produce and primary industries around Ocean Grove. For example this could include cheese making, wineries, cafes, local produce stores (not necessarily in a designated commercial zone) and craft making.

Roads/Paths/Trails – We believe greater emphasis needs to be given to creating footpath and bicycle trails in and around Ocean Grove. That provide linkages to strategic points within Ocean Grove and linkages to other towns. This should be highlighted in the Review. In addition to assist in diverting ‘though traffic’ (i.e. people travelling through Ocean Grove to reach their destination) that the continuation of the Geelong Ring Road to the Bellarine Highway and Portarlington Road is a must. This Review should support this proposal.

Primary School – The Review needs to make it quite clear that a fourth primarily school will be required in Ocean Grove when the population reaches a certain size. It also needs to advise that the Ocean Grove campus of the Bellarine Secondary College needs to plan for future growth and how that is to occur.

Cultural Centre – For a population of 30,000 people Ocean Grove will require a cultural centre (in previous years this would have been called a “Town Hall”). Such a facility is needed for forums, socialising, education, entertainment and the arts (and for all ages). It will complement and feed into the Potato Shed, which is the Bellarine Peninsula’s prime cultural centre. But, the Potato Shed will not meet the needs of the entire Bellarine Peninsula as it reaches a total population of over 100,000 people. Nor will it suit small and local Ocean Grove activities.

Priorities – We believe that the Review needs to somehow place a priority against key infrastructure (e.g. Grubb Road duplication, fourth primary school, connecting Tuckfield Street with The Terrace, Cultural Centre etc.) This could be simply creating three categories, short term, medium term and long term. The terms could be based on either years. (e.g. 1 to 5 years, 6 to 10 years and 11 to 15 years or population growth 15,000 to 20,000, 21,000 to 25,000 and 26,000 to 30,000). Such a priority system will greatly assist Local, State and Commonwealth Governments to plan for and fund such projects and the Community to understand when infrastructure is to occur.


  • Community Forums
  • The initiation of the Affiliation Bellarine Community Associations
  • The Barwon Heads Bridge
  • Name change (Ocean Grove & District Community Association to Ocean Grove Community Association)
  • Membership fee change


  • Community Forums
  • The Bellarine Aquatic Centre (council project)
  • Establishment of Ocean Grove Recreational Reserves Master Plan Study
  • Ocean Grove Traffic Outcomes
  • Instigation of OGCA Website
  • The Barwon Heads Bridge


  • Bellarine Peninsula Strategic Plan completed and adopted by Council – key role taken by OGCA committee members.
  • Shell Road Reserve Master Plan developed – leading role taken by OGCA.
  • Ocean Grove Structure Plan reviewed, revised and adopted – major input by OGCA.
  • New members recruited to committee.
  • Positive working relationships maintained with local Councillor, Sate MP and other local organisations.


  • Minister Rob Hull’s Bellarine wide forum about Coastal Spaces.
  • Mayor Dowling’s tour to inspect Ocean Grove and to look at ongoing COGG maintenance issues.
  • Strong input to Bellarine Peninsula Strategic Plan, Aquatic Centre Project, Shell Road Reserve Master Plan, Barwon Heads Bridge issue and Ocean Grove traffic study.
  • Supportive role in launch of the Voice as the town’s own weekly newspaper (while ultimately not sustainable, it stimulated increased interest in Ocean Grove by other media).
  • Maintaining positive working relationships with local Councillor, State MP and other local organisation.
  • Further increase in status and recognition by Council and the community.
  • Major town improvement project identified and launched.


  • Financial stability
  • Membership growth
  • Increased average attendance at five public meetings and forums
  • Increased status and recognition by Council and the Community
  • Effective leadership
  • Stable committee with shared workload
  • Positive working relationship with local Councillor and MP
  • Promotional flyer
  • Action on roundabout improvements (albeit unsatisfactory)
  • Effective input to Recreation and Leisure Needs Study


  • Incorporation
  • Sports and Recreation Sub-Committee
  • Traffic and Parking Sub-Committee
  • Meeting with new CoGG CEO
  • Four public meetings with guest presenters
  • Shell Road speed limit
  • Attendance at Council Meetings
  • Advocacy to bring forward Structure Plan
  • Grant to establish Council advisory group