Ocean Grove Community Association

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Minutes of Meeting


7.00pm Wednesday 4 April 2018


   Ocean Grove Bowling Club

Item Description

ü Present

x Apology

Minutes Distributed

Meeting Opened at 7.00pm

Meeting Closed at 8.12pm

1.1 Committee    
  Michael Harbour (MH) (Chairperson) X ü
  Howard Deane (HD) (Deputy Chairperson/Treasurer) ü ü
  Phil Edwards (PE) (Secretary) ü ü
  David Reid (DR) ü ü
  Karen Thornton (KT) X ü
  Gordon King (GK) ü ü
  Michael Schomacker (MS) X ü
  Noel Emselle (NE) ü ü
  Jo Hawthorne (JH) ü ü
  Ian Rabone (IR) ü ü
1.2 Public    
2.0 Special Presentation/Guests  
  • Minutes of previous meeting accepted as being correct.
4.1 Correspondence In  
  • Association gmail email set up and password advised to Committee members. Email address is shown in the letterhead to these minutes.
4.2 Correspondence Out  
  • Media release; Copy distributed to media outlets plus placed on website and Facebook. Edited version published in Geelong Addy. Some interesting comments on the OG Community Noticeboard Facebook page until shut down by the site Admin due to some inappropriate comments/language by some “facebookers”.
5.1 Treasure’s Report / Finance
  • Current balance $980;
  • Cheque ($1092.85) from OG Rotary Club from market gold coin due to be received by Treasurer on 10 April.
  • Since the meeting $250 was paid for website through to 14/9/2019.


5.2 OGCA Web Site / Facebook  
5.2.1 WebSite       http://www.ogca.com.au                  (Committee Lead - Phil Edwards)
  • Website updated and now stable. Calendar up to date with our meeting dates plus other meetings we routinely attend.  Minutes are available to the public on the website.
  • There was agreement to continue with the website at this time and review later.
5.2.2 Facebook
  • No change


5.3 New Committee Members
  • PE advised that there was no response form the three people who attended a previous meeting.
5.4 Fund Raising
  • No change - None planned or required until Caravan Park Xmas raffle in conjunction with the Lions Club.
5.5 Spare  
5.6 Planning Matters  
5.6.1 Spare  
5.6.2 Spare  
5.6.3 Ocean Grove Principal Pedestrian Network         (Committee Lead - Phil Edwards)
  • Update as per emails sent to all members with information from Council officers.
  • Latest advice from Council is “Whilst any date will be subject to change based on the appointment of the new coordinator and their allocated priorities, it is hoped that the consultation can commence by October 2018 with a view to the community response advising any budget submission necessary for the 2019/20 financial year.”
  • It was agreed that we should offer support to the COGG Council for their consultation process. Action: PE to advise Council of support.


Traffic Matters (VicRoads/COGG)                       (Committee Lead – Gordon King)

  • GK agreed to be Committee lead.
  • MH, PE, GK, IR attended meeting on 19 Mar at VicRoads Office in Sth Geelong.Minutes of that meeting have been distributed to all Committee members.
  • Actions outstanding from VicRoads/COGG meeting:

o    VicRoads have yet to contact GK re meeting on site re Grubb Road Pedestrian Access – western side of Grubb Road, from Shell Road roundabout to the Nature Reserve.  Action: PE to email VicRoads rep.

o    No response form COGG re questions on Thacker Street plans. Action: PE to email COGG rep.

5.7.1 Duplication of Grubb Road                                     (Committee Lead – Gordon King)
  • GK agreed to be Committee lead.
  • As per our media release and the minutes of the 19 Mar meeting with VicRoads/COGG.
5.7.2 Overhanging Bushes on Shell Road – Impact on Cyclists (Committee Lead – Noel Emselle)
  • New issue raised by NE.Bushes protruding into road verge impacting cyclists. Action: NE agreed to get photos/GPS reference so we can more accurately report to Council.
5.8 Community Forums -  
5.8.1 School based forum -                                                 (Committee Lead – Karen Thorton)
  • No discussion.
  • State Election Candidates Forum (Committee Lead – tba)

o   State Election date is 24 Nov 18. Plan for forum on Wed 14 Nov.

o   Consider shared with Barwon Heads as they are part of the Bellarine District.

o   Immediate Action: PE to discuss with BHCA.

  • AGM Combined with Meet the Elected Councillors - (Committee Lead – Phil Edwards & David Reid)

o   PE & DR agreed to be Committee lead.

o   Councillors have advised late May 2018 is preferred time. Possible that Mayor may attend as well (tbc). Now waiting for Councillors to confirm a date.

o   Once date confirmed key actions will be location, time, time and a sequence noting we want to include our AGM at the beginning.

o   Noting BH has the 3 councillors on 23 Apr it was agreed we would extended an invite to Pt Lonsdale to our Forum.

o   Action: PE to email councillors to lock in a date. (note post meeting update:  Date now  agreed 23 May, 6pm, Venue tba)



5.8.4 BE&CH Proposal                                                              (Committee Lead – Noel Emselle)
  • NE agreed to be Committee lead.
  • Action: NE agreed to informally seek advice on funds to support a Community Forum.


  • Spare
5.9 Barwon Heads Association (BHA) Meetings
  • PE attended BHA meeting in March. Lisa Neville spoke and took questions.
  • BHA have the Ward Councillors attending on 23 April 7pm @ BH Senior Citizens Building.
  • Action:A number of the Committee indicated they would attend and provide feedback.How BHA run/manage this particular meeting may be informative for how we run ours in late May.
5.10 The Ocean Grove Voice                                        (Committee Lead – Phil Edwards)
  • Agreed next newsletter should focus on – Planned forum, Pedestrian Network, VicRoads outcomes and Thacker St. Also include our meeting dates & invite.
  • Action: PE to draft and circulate to the Committee.
5.11 Bellarine Community Safety Committee              (Committee Lead – Gordon King)
  • GK agreed to be Committee lead as it aligns with an OG Rotary activity.
  • Meeting dates are 10 am Friday – 15 Jun, 14 Sep and 14 Dec 18. Dates are in our webpage calendar.
  • Action:PE to follow up on last minutes.
5.12 Council Meeting Agenda                                    (Committee Lead – Karen Thorton)
  • HD advised nothing to report.
5.13 Spare  
5.14 Combined Bellarine Community Associations (CBCA)
  • PE and JH attended 17 Mar meeting and chaired meeting.
  • Draft Minutes of the meeting are yet to be distributed by Secretary.  Action PE to forward when received.
  • Future meeting dates are: 10 am Springdale Centre Drysdale 19 May, 21 Jul, 15 Sep, 17 Nov and 16 Feb 19.  Dates are in our webpage calendar.
  • Action:  HD agreed to attend the 19 May meeting.
6.1 Meeting with OG Business Association.  HD advised that now Easter was over he would touch base with OGBA to see if their Committee has met and want to engage. All

Committee Chair. All agreed to review and advise what meeting they will NOT be able to attend in order to ensure we have a Chair nominated for each meeting.

Action:  All

6.3 Committee Leads on Issues/Agenda Items
  • Members agreed during the meeting or at previous meetings to lead Agenda selected items/issues – these are now reflected in these minutes and will be reflected in the Agenda each month.
  • Still a couple of gaps.
6.4 Association Treasurer
  • HD advised he will stand down as Treasurer and as a Committee member at the AGM.
  • Volunteer????
6.5 Enhancing Attendance
  • There was general discussion options to increase public attendance at meeting.While we say the public are welcome to attend any of the meetings we see little interest.
  • Options discussed was better promoting public attendance at every second or perhaps third meeting. Further discussion included getting a guest speaker(s) on a topic of interest at selected meeting and promoting accordingly
  • Action All:All agreed to identify issues and appropriate speakers (with contact details) so we could move forward on this approach.Please email cc all.
7.1 7pm 2 May at the Ocean Grove Bowling Club – Board Room. All
7.2 2018 Meeting Dates:   7pm
  • 6 June, 4 July, 1 August, 5 September, 3 October, 7 November, 5 December
8.0 Next community forum  
  • 23 May 6pm venue TBA  – with Councillors  (see 5.8.3)