About Us

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Social community in Ocean Grove

The OGCA was formed in early 2003 in response to community concern about two major issues that arose in 2002:

  1. The threat to the Customer Service Centre and
  2. The unfair hikes in Council rates for coastal communities.

These issues sparked broad community involvement, and it was widely agreed that Ocean Grove needed an ongoing body to represent the community and coordinate action on such issues.

Now the OGCA is firmly established as the a focal point for discussion, debate and action on local community issues.

In 2020 our main issues are the proposed extension of the Ovean Grove town limit to allow new homes to be build :

  • West of Grubb Road
  • North of Yellowgums Estate
  • and East of Banks Road.

This development would completetly change the look and feel of Ocean Grove – from a rural haven to a suburb of Geelong.

November 2018

The Ocean Grove Community Association provides a forum for residents and rate payers to work together to improve life in Ocean Grove for all.

Members of the Association are interested in a wide range of topics including the urban and sustainable development of Ocean Grove, transport and traffic issues and environmental concerns. When necessary, the OGCA represents the community in discussions with Federal, State and Local Governments. The OGCA encourages, fosters and sometimes, coordinates community activities within the Ocean Grove district and on the Bellarine as a whole.

Some of what we do

¨Working with Residents, Council and Government to improve connectivity for all Ocean Grove residents;   roads, footpaths, cycle paths and transport services.

¨Contributing to the management of healthy and sustainable growth in our community.

¨Lobby Council & Governments to fund projects that benefit the people of Ocean Grove and the wider Bellarine.

¨Organising forums on a range of issues and topics of value and or interest to our community.


The Ocean Grove Community Association

meets on the first Wednesday of each month (except for January & December)

 at 7:00pm at the Ocean Grove Bowls Club in the Board of Directors Room

Meetings usually run for no more than 90 minutes.

 Meetings have published agendas and minutes and are available on this website.

Your are welcome to attend any meeting.

Email: ogcommunityassn@gmail.com