About us

The OGCA was formed in early 2003 in response to community concern about two major issues that arose in 2002:

  1. The threat to the Customer Service Centre and
  2. The unfair hikes in Council rates for coastal communities.

These issues sparked broad community involvement, and it was widely agreed that Ocean Grove needed an ongoing body to represent the community and coordinate action on such issues.

Now the OGCA is firmly established as the town's prime focal point for discussion, debate and action on local community issues.

Statement of Purpose

Following two public meetings organised by Clive West, Wally Willis and Ray Davey, an interim committee was formed and decided to establish an incorporated association with the following broad purposes:

  • To provide a forum to exchange information and ideas;
  • To encourage participation in the community;
  • To advocate on behalf of Ocean Grove;
  • To co-operate with other Ocean grove groups.

In the Association's December 2003 report to members, these purposes were summarised as "to make a positive difference to the future of Ocean Grove".


The Association's initial priorities were set out in an introductory letter to the Mayor and Councillors dated 7 April 2003:

  • Updating the Structure Plan
  • Doing something about the lack of recreational, sporting and cultural facilities for families and young people
  • Working with Council to improve services in areas such as Customer Service Centre opening hours, maintenance and cleaning of the town centre, roadside litter, and maintenance and presentation of the town's entrances, roundabouts and other public areas.