• Community Forums

  • The initiation of the Affiliation Bellarine Community Associations

  • The Barwon Heads Bridge

  • Name change (Ocean Grove & District Community Association to Ocean Grove Community Association)

  • Membership fee change



  • Community Forums

  • The Bellarine Aquatic Centre (council project)

  • Establishment of Ocean Grove Recreational Reserves Master Plan Study

  • Ocean Grove Traffic Outcomes

  • Instigation of OGCA Website

  • The Barwon Heads Bridge



  • Bellarine Peninsula Strategic Plan completed and adopted by Council - key role taken by OGCA committee members.
  • Shell Road Reserve Master Plan developed - leading role taken by OGCA.
  • Ocean Grove Structure Plan reviewed, revised and adopted - major input by OGCA.
  • New members recruited to committee.
  • Positive working relationships maintained with local Councillor, Sate MP and other local organisations.



  • Minister Rob Hull's Bellarine wide forum about Coastal Spaces.
  • Mayor Dowling's tour to inspect Ocean Grove and to look at ongoing COGG maintenance issues.
  • Strong input to Bellarine Peninsula Strategic Plan, Aquatic Centre Project, Shell Road Reserve Master Plan, Barwon Heads Bridge issue and Ocean Grove traffic study.
  • Supportive role in launch of the Voice as the town's own weekly newspaper (while ultimately not sustainable, it stimulated increased interest in Ocean Grove by other media).
  • Maintaining positive working relationships with local Councillor, State MP and other local organisation.
  • Further increase in status and recognition by Council and the community.
  • Major town improvement project identified and launched.



  • Financial stability
  • Membership growth
  • Increased average attendance at five public meetings and forums
  • Increased status and recognition by Council and the Community
  • Effective leadership
  • Stable committee with shared workload
  • Positive working relationship with local Councillor and MP
  • Promotional flyer
  • Action on roundabout improvements (albeit unsatisfactory)
  • Effective input to Recreation and Leisure Needs Study



  • Incorporation
  • Sports and Recreation Sub-Committee
  • Traffic and Parking Sub-Committee
  • Meeting with new CoGG CEO
  • Four public meetings with guest presenters
  • Shell Road speed limit
  • Attendance at Council Meetings
  • Advocacy to bring forward Structure Plan
  • Grant to establish Council advisory group