The Voice Newsletter - July 2017

Ocean Grove Community Association

The Voice July 2017 Newsletter

I provide the following updates;


Our AGM will be held 7.00pm Thursday 27 July 2017 at the Ocean Grove Library (Presidents Avenue). Our guest speaker will be Sarah Henderson (Federal member for Corangamite). So come and here what Sarah has to say about Federal Politics and what her vision is for the Bellarine and Ocean Grove and feel free to ask her any questions.

Geelong Council Election

It is understood that we will be having Council elections in October 2017. Once this is confirmed the OGCA will organise a Council Candidate Forum to be held about 4 weeks prior to the election date.

Traffic Issues

Grubb Road - We have raised our concern with the lack of safe pedestrian and bicycle access from Oakdene Estate to Shell Road. Council and VicRoads are now investigating possible temporary solutions.

VicRoads are about to commence the planning process to duplicate Grubb Road, which we believe will entail community consultation. We will commence lobbying both levels of government for the funds to actually duplicate Grubb Road from the Bellarine Hwy to The Parade. Any such duplication will be on the basis of maintaining and enhancing the native vegetation along Grubb Road and installing all power lines underground. Our aim is to have construction works commence in 2019.

Let us know if you have any other traffic issues that you want us to raise with VicRoads and/or Council.

Removal of Grubb Road Trees (Planning Permit Application 644/2016)

The OGCA, along with others, submitted an objection to VCAT of the removal of 700 metres of native vegetation (including 10 Bellarine Yellow Gums) along Grubb Road for the creation of 4 Access Points into the new shopping centre. I’m pleased to advise that following negotiations with all parties we reached an agreement for a modified version of the 4 Access Points. The outcome being;

  • Saving upto 300 metres of native vegetation, including 9 Bellarine Yellow Gums
  • Reduction of a further 150m metres of non-native mature gum trees from being removed.
  • A condition in the Planning Permit stating that “all new landscaping is to be reflective of the existing Gurbb Road landscape.”

We would like to thank the Developer, VicRoads and Council for listening to the community and reaching a compromise. We also thank Lisa Neville for her support

2017 Community Forums

We want your suggestions as to what community forums you would like us to organise in 2017. Some suggestions have been:

  • Developing Walking/Bicycle tracks within Ocean Grove and connecting to other towns.
  • Establishing Cultural/Education facility.

So let us know your ideas.

New Committee Members

OGCA encourages people to become committee members and assist in facilitating community forums and lobby all levels of government for specific projects that will benefit Ocean Grove.

The Committee meets at 7.00pm on the first Wednesday of each month at the Ocean Grove Bowling Club Board Room. You are welcome to attend one of our meetings prior to becoming a Committee Member.


Michael Harbour

Chairperson OGCA