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Welcome to the OGCA!

The Ocean Grove Community Association provides a forum for residents and rate payers to work together to improve life in Ocean Grove for all.

Members of the Association are interested in a wide range of topics including the urban development of Ocean Grove, transport and traffic issues, and environmental concerns. When necessary, OGCA represents the community in discussions with Federal, State and Municipal Governments. OGCA encourages, fosters and, sometimes, coordinates community activities within Ocean Grove and the district.

Latest News:

Community Forums

The Southern Bellarine Coastal Forum DRAFT REPORT is now posted under the Documents Tab.



Ocean Grove Planning Forum




31 July 2019 6:45pm at the Ocean Grove Bowling Club.

Ocean Grove Community Planning Forum. The forum, conducted by the Ocean Grove Community Assn (OGCA).  Speakers from DELWP, the City of Greater Geelong and RRV (aka VicRoads) have been asked to speak to planning issues relating to or impacting on Ocean Grove in particular. They have agreed to a Q&A combined panel session after all three organisations have spoken.

All welcome.


The Southern Bellarine Coastal Forum

update 29 August 2019



29 Aug 19    The DRAFT REPORT from the Forum is now available under the Document Tab.  Comments and feedback are welcome.



14 Aug 19   Copies of answers from Forum presentors to your questions logged in the forum software on the day of the Forum are being progressively placed under the "Documents" tab.  Posted today are answers from Matt Crawley Bellarine Catchment Network and Professor David Kennedy Melbourne University.


30 Jul 19 - Copies of answers from Forum presentors to your questions logged in the forum software on the day of the Forum are being progressively placed under the "Documents" tab.  Posted today are answers from Brett Inc CEO Geelong and Bellarine Tourism Board.


14 Jul 19 - Copies of answers from Forum presentors to your questions logged in the forum software on the day of the Forum are being progressively placed under the "Documents" tab.  Posted today are answers from Peter Haffenden - Buckley Park.


9 Jul 19 - Posted today are answers from Barry Lingham Geelong Field Naturalists.


5 Jul 19 - Posted today are answers from Chris Lindorff from Trust for Nature.


29 Jun 19 - Copies of the visuals used by the various forum presentors are now available under the "Document Tab".


Towards the end of the Southern Bellarine Coastal Forum on 21 June, participants were asked to, within their small groups, imagine it was 2030 and the area under discussion in the Forum had just won an award.

Participants were asked to give the name of the award and to write on one A4 page the newspaper article that announced the award.  Participants then placed their article on the room window for all to read.

Unedited copies of all the 22 participant articles are also now available in a single document which can be found under the "Documents Tab".




A fantastic and successful forum - The Southern Bellarine Coastal Forum


The Southern Bellarine Coastal Forum held at the Shell Road Pavilion in Ocean Grove on Friday 21 June was a great success with almost 130 people in attendance representing a variety of views on what should and should not be permitted to occur in the rural area to the south of Shell Road between the townships of Ocean Grove and Point Lonsdale.

11 excellent speakers helped all the participants to better understand and appreciate the cultural, environmental, recreational and tourism opportunities and risks of the area. Led by Ocean Grove based professional forum facilitators Martin De Los Rios and Sofiah Mackay using sophisticated software allowed participants with smart phones or other mobile devices to ask questions and express opinions live in the forum. All participants then actively engaged in small group discussion sessions after each speaker to identify and document their views on the opportunities and risks. 

In summary, there was generally support for some form of off-road link or links for safe walking and safe cycling but the route it should take must be very strongly influenced by the environment and cultural issues expertly described by the presenters and audience members.

Now the hard work begins as we need to review all the presentations, work through the questions raised, and analyse the inputs and impressions of the participants and draft a report. We think this will us at least three to four weeks, however we will provide regular updates on the Ocean Grove Community Association website and on our facebook page.

Pdf copies of most of the speakers presentations should be on our website in a week or so under the "Documents" tab.  Now posted on our website 25 June

Ocean Grove Community Association would like to thank our speakers, all our forum partners, our facilitators and all the participants who collectively made this great forum possible.




































FORUMS in July

3 July - Understanding Dementia - 7pm Ocean Grove Bowling Club;  A presentation by Dementia Australia

31 July - Planning in Ocean Grove with representatives from COGG and Vic Roads and our AGM - 6:45pm Ocean Grove Bowling Club



We are conducting three great Community Forums across June and July 2019. 


The outline of each forum is in our May 2019 Newsletter - click on the "Documents" tab on our website and go to Newsletters.


21 June - Southern Bellarine Coastal Forum


3 July - Understanding Dementia


31 July - Planning in Ocean Grove and our AGM








 2019 Federal Election 

Candidates Community Forum in Ocean Grove


7pm, 1 May 2019 @ Ocean Grove Bowls Club 

As we did for the 2018 State Government election Ocean Grove Community Association, in conjunction with Barwon Heads and Breamlea Associations are conducting a Federal Candidates Community Forum at 7pm on 1 May at the Ocean Grove Bowls Club.  This is your chance to listen to and ask questions of the candidates for the Federal Division of Corangamite. 

We have already met with Sarah Henderson, MP and Libby Coker this year and put forward a number of issues/initiatives which we believe should be funded in part by a Federal Government.   

These include:  the extension of the Bellarine Aquatic Centre to address capacity problems particularly the size and length of the pool and the supporting change rooms; the urgent and much needed upgrade of Grubb Road and Tuckfield Street in the short term and also the construction of the Bellarine Extension Link to the Geelong Ring Road in the medium term.  

We put forward to both candidates the need to improve the connectivity for all Ocean Grove residents between the towns on the Bellarine and to Geelong and to Geelong’s connection to Melbourne. Related to connectivity we are seeking funding support for the preparation of a Feasibility Study and Business Case for the establishment of education and cultural centre in the Buckley Park /Lake Victoria precinct, including pedestrian and cyclist links between Ocean Grove and Point Lonsdale.  

On the environment, we are seeking a Federal commitment to provide funding for an analysis of the opportunities for micro generation and micros grids in Ocean Grove or more broadly on the Bellarine as part of a Federal Government renewable energy innovation activities. Solar energy has been shown to cut the cost of home and business electricity bills over time, whilst reducing our reliance on polluting fossil fuels. The Ocean Grove community is greatly concerned about climate change and this project would allow us to take practical action on this big issue. Importantly, micro grids enable renters and low-income households to share the renewable energy generated by local solar installations through purchasing low-cost energy from neighbouring properties.  

Have your say to the candidates for Corangamite and come to the Community Forum on Wednesday 1 May at 7pm at the Ocean Grove Bowls Club.  




Listed below, grouped under four key areas, are the issues that have been identified by the Ocean Grove Community Association (OGCA) drawing on various current strategic and planning level documents, inputs from residents over time and through a recent survey, and the broad experience of the OGCA committee members.

These are not the only issues and you should anticipate a range of questions from the residents at the Candidates Community Forum commencing at 7pm on 14 November at the Ocean Grove Bowls Club.

We invite you to consider and tell the residents your position on all or some of the issues when you address the residents before we open the floor to questions after all four (at this time) candidates have spoken.

Also we have attached (attachment 1) the results from the short social media based survey of residents; the results are informative.

Development & Growth

  • Control of Planning on the Bellarine. Protecting the Bellarine’s distinctive character, environmental diversity, heritage and tourism potential from unsustainable and inappropriate development.
  • Desired Outcome:A commitment to recognising The Bellarine under the Planning and Environment Amendment (Distinctive Areas and Landscapes) Act 2018 or some other appropriate and strong legislative arrangement of similar intent within the first term of Government.
  • Grubb Road and Tuckfield Street Upgrade. Construction funds for the upgrade of Grubb Road and Tuckfield Street from the Bellarine Highway to The Terrace (including new connection between The Parade and The Terrace as per the previously approved 2014 Ocean Grove Urban Design Framework). The project should include maintaining and enhancing the existing vegetation, installing power and communication cables underground and providing for a separate pedestrian/cyclists path on the east side.

     Attached (attachment 2) is an example of what we believe the upgrade could look like.

  • Desired Outcome: Commitment to fund and commence construction of the upgrade by no later than December 2020. The estimated costs could be in the order of $80M-$90M.
  • Fourth Primary School Site. - Acquisition of land in the Kingston/Oakdene estates precinct for the establishment of a fourth Primary School site for Ocean Grove. Land was originally set aside by the developer in early planning but was not taken up by the State Government. It is understood that the parcel of land has now be subdivided.
  • Desired Outcome:Land to be acquired and set aside in the next term of Government with a commitment to commence construction once the permanent population of Ocean Grove reaches 18,000. The probable cost of the land acquisition is unknown.
  • Bellarine Aquatic & Sports Centre (BASC). The BASC was opened in December 2008 with a range of indoor aquatic and sports facilities, including the main pool of only 25 metres in length. Within 4 years it was so popular that it reached capacity and now results in people living on the Bellarine Peninsula having to go into Geelong for swimming activities. During peak time residents are being turned away. When the facility was constructed the City of Greater Geelong (COGG) Council developed a design that allowed the main pool to be extended by 25 metres to the west to create 50 metre long pool. 
  • Desired Outcome: Commitment to work with the COGG Council (and Federal Government where appropriate) to cooperatively fund the extension of the existing main pool to create a 50 metre long pool and to upgrade/expand the change room facilities. The estimated cost could be in the order of $2M-$3M.
  • Geelong Ring Road – The Bellarine Link.   Regional Roads Victoria completed the Geelong Ring Road to the Bellarine Extension Link Planning Study (refer to link below for copy) earlier this year, which also identifies the preferred route.

Both the OGCA and Barwon Heads Association strongly support the construction of the Bellarine Link as this is the only realistic option both towns have in reducing the increasing volume of through traffic traveling through our two towns. Regional Roads Victoria is about to commence an Environment Effects Statement process and other investigative work on the preferred route.

  • Desired Outcome:A commitment to fund and commence construction of the Bellarine Link in the next term of government. The probable cost is unknown at this stage.

Road Maintenance & Safety

  • Orton Street/Presidents Avenue Intersection. This intersection continues to be a safety issue in the community and was identified as such in the 2014 Ocean Grove Urban Design Framework and earlier. A serious accident this year was a potential fatality situation. Regional Roads have investigated solutions for this intersection for the safety of pedestrians and vehicles. The estimated cost is in the order of $1M-$2M.
  • Desired Outcome: A commitment to fund and complete the construction of the Regional Roads solution by no later than December 2019.
  • Grubb Road & Adco Grove Intersection. The dangers of this intersection particularly when turning right from Grubb Road into Adco Grove have identified a number of times. The intersection continues to deteriorate and remains dangerous. This intersection provides access to the Ambulance Station, the Kingston Reserve the children’s playground within the Reserve. 
  • Desired Outcome: Commitment of funds ($350K as estimated by Regional Roads Victoria) with completion of the works by no later than 30 Jun 2019.
  • The Parade & Hodgson. The “squaring up” and signalisation of this intersection was identified in the 2014 Ocean Grove Urban Design Framework. The roads intersection is a junction of a Regional Roads road and a COGG road. The UDF recommends a redevelopment of the surplus road land created to fund the intersection works. The Valuer General for Victoria determined that the road works and market value of the surplus road land reserve are linked. 
  • Desired Outcome: Commit Regional Roads Victoria to follow the advice of the Valuer General and work with the City of Greater Geelong to enable the intersection works to be delivered.

Health, Education, Culture and Community Connectivity

  • Ocean Grove Principal Pedestrian Network (OGPPN). The OGPPN has been an initiative taken by Council and supported by the Community. When constructed this will provided an improved footpath network in “old” Ocean Grove proving improved and safe connection for in particular older residents and young families It is understood that the total cost to implement the works is in the vicinity of $8m. We are proposing the costs be shared by State - $3M, Commonwealth - $3M and Ocean Grove rate payers - $2M over 4 years commencing July 2020. The OG rate payers’ contribution is based on 8,000 rateable properties paying $65 each per year over 4 years.
  • Desired Outcome:Commitment to proactively work with the COGG and the Federal Government as necessary to fund and deliver this project.
  • Cycle & Pedestrian Connectivity from Ocean Grove. Ocean Grove residents are seeking better connectivity between the towns across the Bellarine and to Geelong. This desired better connectivity, beyond the existing PTV network, centres predominately on pedestrian and cycle connectivity. For a leisure cyclist(s) or the walking or cycling family to get from Ocean Grove to say Drysdale and there join the Bellarine Rail trail or to Point Lonsdale and then onto Queenscliff they have to navigate busy and in some places very dangerous roads and crossings points such as Grubb Road, Bellarine Hwy, Shell Road etc. During the busy summer period the danger increases due to the significant increase in the number vehicles on the road along with the number of people who would like to cycle or walk.

While the Grubb Road upgrade under a State Government, which has not yet been allocated construction funding, may include cycle/pedestrian connectivity the proposed upgrade does not extend beyond the Bellarine Hwy in the north and the southern end of Tuckfield Street.

  • Desired Outcome: Commit to funding a project to analyse, plan, cost, fund and build improved cycle & pedestrian connectivity to/from Ocean Grove in the next term of Government.
  • Note: This project would leverage the Ocean Grove Principal Pedestrian Network which will, when constructed, improve connectivity within Ocean Grove.
  • Bellarine Light Rail Link.A Bellarine Light Rail link would be a major asset to the Bellarine and make a significant contribution to connectivity of the Bellarine with the Geelong CBD. A light rail link would provide an efficient alternative to car travel to Geelong and depending on suitability of routes a link to the proposed Geelong fast train capability promised by both major parties. An appropriate connection to cycle/pedestrian paths would further increase the utility and use of a light rail link for work or leisure travellers. 
  • Desired Outcome.To commit to funding a Project Definition and Initial Feasibility Study in the next term of Government.
  • Bellarine Environment & Cultural Heritage Centre (BE&CH) -Funding for the preparation and conduct of a Community and Stakeholders Forum to explore the opportunities for such a centre. Subject to the outcomes of the Community & Stakeholder Forum the next appropriate step would be followed a Feasibility Study and Business Case for the establishment of a Bellarine Environment & Cultural Heritage Centre, with supporting infrastructure and where appropriate bicycle and pedestrian connections with Point Lonsdale and Ocean Grove. 

The early outline project schedule is: Forum May 2019 (tentative date), Feasibility Study June 2020 and Construction funding in 2021/22.

  • Desired Outcome: Commitment to support and contribute to the costs of the Community and Stakeholders Forum ($5K) and the subsequent development of a Feasibility Study and Business Case (in the order of $90K), if appropriate, following the Forum.


  • Geelong Train Station. With the recent statements by both major parties on the significant improvement to the V-Line link from Geelong to Melbourne any planning should address improving the Geelong train station including passenger and visitor services, and parking at the Geelong Station while concurrently being sympathetic to the heritage aspects of the station and its buildings. Upgrades should also provide for improved cyclist and pedestrian connectivity to the train station from across the whole of the COGG. 
  • Desired Outcome: Commitment to include upgrades to the station and supporting facilities while maintaining the heritage aspects of the station as an integral part of the proposed improvements to the Geelong/Melbourne V-line service (VFT service). The probable cost of is unknown.
  • Other Considerations: Exploring the opportunity to use existing unused crown land adjacent to, and on the western side, of the existing train line in Breakwater for another train station to ease the continually increasing load on Marshall and South Geelong stations which is being driven by the continuing already approved residential developments. The crown land looks to have the capacity to allow a station with about 3,000 car parking spaces. Including designated cycle connections would be possible and would further leverage the transport opportunities presented by this unused crown land.

Yours Sincerely,

Phil Edwards


Ocean Grove Community Association Inc.                         


  1. Residents Survey Results and Observations
  2. Grubb Road & Tuckfield Street Upgrade Concept Plan



An intentionally short and limited survey was conducted using surveymonkey software across two Ocean Grove focussed facebook groups.

Respondents took on average about 4 minutes to complete the survey.

Survey opened: 17 Oct 18 and ran for 12 days.          

Responses: 60 of which 91% are from post code 3226 (Ocean Grove)

Key Results & Observations:

Question & Results:

Observations: The top three (of six) rated issues are:

  1. Upgrading Grubb Road/Tuckfield Street in the coming term of Government.
  2. Fixing the Orton Street/President Avenue intersection now.
  3. Building the Ocean Grove Principal Pedestrian Network.


Observations: The top five (of ten) rated issues are:

1.       Improving footpaths and/or bike paths.

2.       Preserving our natural environment.

3.       Improving public transport. (Equally rated with next two issues)

3.       Improving community facilities eg pool. Library, sport facilities.

3.       Improving roads and traffic flow.

Within the survey residents where then given the opportunity, to list any other issues they thought were a priority for Ocean Grove.

A selection of unedited responses is below.

We acknowledge that some of these issues are City of Greater Geelong responsibility, others are State of Victoria and some are a nexus to both organisations. However residents are concerned with seeing the outcome.

  • Due to over development, infrastructure needs to be a priority. Roads in and out of Ocean Grove need to be improved and a secondary school in Ocean Grove to be built. Our children should not have to travel to other suburbs when our town’s
  • population is this great.
  • All issues are from overcrowding. Too much traffic, not enough parking, etc. With borders stopped increasing maybe we can build school and supermarkets in places that are needed.
  • Restrict town boundaries to existing limits. Provide more recreation facilities, improve roads and traffic flow, provide a dedicated off road bike lane to Geelong via Barwon heads, upgrade Thacker street with sealed shoulders and provide bike lanes, this is a direct route to the schools.
  • Need to limit the expansion of the housing estates, planned expansions are running into Wallington and Marcus hill. The whole area is turning into a big suburban sprawl, not the Ocean Grove of time gone by.
  • Is it possible to stop development? Too much too quickly too many charming buildings which made this place what it was all going for the big monsters.
  • Preserving property heights.
  • Public transport within Ocean Grove to get from Old Ocean Grove to the new areas with all the infrastructure.
  • Traffic lights/pedestrian crossing desperately needed at Grubb/Shell/Tuckfield/Thacker to replace roundabout.
  • Main Road should be Tuckfield Street down to The Terrace. This would stop a lot of congestion at the Parade/Hodgson intersection.
  • Improving bike paths round Ocean Grove and linking local towns would be great to encourage health and fitness of all ages - including safety for children who cycle to school.
  • I would like to have bike paths and footpaths for kids to ride safely for school. I would also like green space so children have space to play and a better local environment. The town boundary needs protecting also persevere the surrounding farm land and environment.
  • Train line from South Geelong to Ocean Grove.
  • The pool and its other facilities in Ocean Grove are very crowded. There are waiting lists for many of the activities, such as junior sports like gymnastics, the swimming lessons are crowded and on many afternoons, you cannot get a car park. This facility is much loved and utilised by our community, but has failed to grow and expand with the increase in the population in Ocean Grove and the rest of the Bellarine Peninsula who also use its facilities.
  • More parks and decent play equipment for kids to encourage outdoor play- something like Armstrong creek.   Leave corridors of parklands and natural bushland.


Grubb Road:   VicRoads are conducting a community engagement activity.  

Have your say.  Come and join the discussion about the future of Grubb Road between Bellarine Highway and The Parade.
Tue. 9 October 2018  6:00 pm – 8:00 pm  at Shell Road Pavilion, 50 Shell Road  Ocean Grove, VIC 3226
Please note this activity is organized by VicRoads NOT Ocean Grove Community Assn.
Barwon Coast are holding a "Community Open House" to showcase information and seek community input on their project to address erosion impacts in particular the main beach access ramp & foreshore protection works. 
Thur 11 Oct,  4 - 7pm & Sat 13 Oct 10am - 1pm @ COGG Ocean Grove Service Centre car Presidents Ave & The Avenue.
For more info: go to Barwon Coast website and search for 15w-ramp
Please note this activity is organized by Barwon Coast NOT Ocean Grove Community Assn.





Liberal Party Victoria are holding a Bellarine Planning Panel 
18 October 2018, from 6 - 7:30pm at the Bellarine Training & Community Hub 1 John Dory Drive Ocean Grove.
"Discussion of settlement strategies, town boundaries & infrastructure planning.  Have your say about the future of planning on the Bellarine"
Please note this activity is organized by Liberal Victoria  NOT Ocean Grove Community Assn.



Community Forum - State Election Candidates - Seat of Bellarine


Come and listen to, and ask questions of the candidates in the up coming State Elelctions for your seat of Bellarine.


14 November 7-9pm at Ocean Grove Bowls Club


This activity is jointly organised by Ocean Grove Community Assn & Barwon Heads Association.